Aloha for Indo + Given

I saw three movies today at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) 2016. The first movie was “Given + Aloha for Indo”, I did not know that it was two different movies.


“Aloha for Indo” Poster

They played “Aloha for Indo” first. It is a short documentary movie about 3 surfers from Kauai that went to Sumba, Indonesia to help them by bringing clean water. This film shows us how the people in Sumba are still difficult to get clean water. These surfers and also the SURFAID (organization from Australia) helped by teaching them that cleanliness is very important. They event made an illustrated book about it.

There is nothing much to say about this movie because it is only 13 minutes long. This movie is such an eye opener for me, especially to see the other part of my country.

“Given” Poster

After “Aloha for Indo”, the second movie was “Given”. It is a long documentary movie with a story. One word that can describe this movie: “AMAZING”. I really enjoyed watching this movie because its cinematography is really amazing. The storyline is also enjoyable. With a child voice-over through out the entire movie, it makes the movie more interesting.

The story is about the adventure of a family from Kauai to travel around the world to find a big fish. We can see some parts of the world from this movie, and all of them are fantastic! This movie makes me really want to travel the world. This family is very adventurous and it is very fascinating to see them in action. This movie is really highly recommended.

After the screening of “Given”, the director and the stars were there to answer some questions from the audiences, which were so cool to see them live.

The Director & Stars of "Given"
The Director & Stars of “Given”
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  1. Hi Nabila, I am glad you enjoyed the double feature you saw. Given sounds like a great movie and totally something I would want to see. I have also been an admire of traveling and well shot movies so I will be keeping my eye out for this film. Great job

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