It’s been a pleasure HIFF 2016…

Last weekend concluded the 36th annual Hawaii International Film Festival, and was it one for the books. From the local documentaries to the Asian Dramas, there were thousands of people that walked through the doors of the theatre to immerse in the films. This year at HIFF, I was fortunate enough to have seen three films: Prison Dogs, That Demon […]

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Toto Teaches Us All the Value of the American Dream

The American Dream symbolizes success and happiness. We all want it. We all strive for it. But what exactly is it? In the film Toto, David (Blake Boyd) tells Toto (Sid Lucero) that the American Dream is “the freedom to live however you want.” Isn’t that something everybody (regardless of being an American or not) wants? Throughout the film, we […]

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HIFF: Final Wrap Analysis

Hawaii International Film Festival or HIFF this year have a lot of interesting films and I am glad that I watched three films which are Headshot, Given and Aloha for Indo and Bittersweet. I choose those particular films because somehow they are attached to me like Headshot because they are film from Indonesia that I could not missed it, it […]

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HIFF Wrap-Up Analysis

I ended up seeing 3 films at the 2016 Hawaii International Film Festival – “A Midsummer Hawaiian Dream,” “Score: A Music Documentary,” and “Hearing is Believing.” Two of these films were music themed, something I am very passionate about – so I chose them based off of pure intrigue. The third sounded entertaining based on the summary – I have […]

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