What’s your Angle of Comfort?

  Certain angles are contempt, some are uncomfortable, and others deliver sensation and feeling into new thresholds. To find the right angle, one should know what they want as well as what will please or displease others. At Hawaii International Film Festival, finding the right angle takes a combination of strategy, timing, and delivery. After … [Read…]

Final Recap of HIFF

  For the 36th annual Hawaii international Film Festival, that concluded this past Sunday November 13, 2016, I was fortunate enough to see four films. I went to the world premiere of Robin Lungs Finding Kukan a film that tries to uncover a mystery surrounding the loss of the first ever Grammy nominated documentary. The … [Read…]

The Tiger Hunter, favorite film of HIFF

I would first like to start off by stating that “The Tiger Hunter” was easily one of my favorite films that I have watched this whole year. This film took on the classic immigrant story with a twist, a love interest without the cheesiness or cliché ending, and had me laughing out loud from beginning … [Read…]

Hearing is Believing

“Hearing is Believing” provides wonderful insight into the unexpected. It tells the story of Rachel Flowers, a musical prodigy born without sight, and how she came to discover her passion. The film is produced quite beautifully, with very personal glimpses into Rachel’s life. The film is mostly about Rachel’s connection with music, and very little … [Read…]

HIFF in photos

This past week at the 36th annual Hawaii International Film Festival has been the funnest one yet for me. For the past four years I have attended HIFF and been involved in some capacity. This years films were on an entirely new playing field, this years festival showcased so many different film genres and films … [Read…]