5 reasons that made Transcend an excellent film to watch   Biography: It was based on real life and did a phenomenal job in bridging a connection with the man and the audience. Melodic: The film had a very relaxing and nostalgia-inspiring soundtracks all throughout that made each moment feel more personal. Niche: Captured specific interests of surfing, ocean, […]

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Given and Aloha For Indo

I went to the Hawaii International Film Festival or we can call it HIFF, to watch Given and Aloha For Indo. At first I thought I was going to watch only Aloha For Indo because they are shooting in Sumba, Indonesia, but turns out I have to watch Given too. I am from Indonesia and Indonesia has many problems, but now that […]

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The Freedom to Marry – A Journey Towards Same Sex Marriage

The Freedom to Marry is a documentary film directed by Eddie Rosenstein that follows the journey of the same sex marriage movement in the United States. Evan Wolfson founded the campaign “Freedom to Marry” back in 2003 with the intent to get equality for all no matter who you love. As we all know, back in 2015 in the Supreme Court case […]

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Shivaay is an action filled movie directed by Ajay Devgn who also plays the main character in the movie that goes by the same name as the title. Shivaay is an adventurous explorer that spends most of his time climbing the Himalayan Mountains. However, things change once his nine-year-old daughter Gaura (Abigail Eames) wants to go visit her mother in […]

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Review: “Gaza Surf Club”

Where does one find hope in a place that seems hopeless? For Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, hope appears thin and elusive. Surrounded by walls and fences, unable to come and go as they please, and under constant threat of war with Israel, some Palestinians have turned to the Mediterranean Sea for relief. “Gaza Surf Club” shines a light on […]

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Life Goes by in a Snap: A Snap film review

Snap starts off by introduction the female lead Peung, taking a picture of a piece of cake, while on a date with her boyfriend, Mann. As they look out the window, Peung sees a man she knows, with Mann asks her if she knows that person and if she wants to say hi. She confirms that she knows him, but […]

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Gaza Surf Club

When everything else has been destroyed, the most powerful tool for reconstruction is hope. The people of Gaza have to fight everyday to maintain this tool of hope. Stuck between Egypt and Israel, with blockades on both sides, the people of Gaza are in constant danger of war and limited supplies. One escape from daily threats and reality is offered […]

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HIFF & Host Theater/Dole Cannery Review

Attending the 2016 Hawaii International Film Festival was most certainly a highlight of my fall semester at HPU. A reason beyond the highlight, the location, The Dole Cannery Stadium 18. Besides being a well-renown theatre of Hawaii and having a ‘haunted’ story within its history, couldn’t have been a more perfect location to host a section of HIFF. Being loaded […]

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