That Demon Within: Movie Review

The battle between the inner self and a criminal in the real world, haunted Dave Wong. This police officer hid his past from the outside world, and revisited his haunting past after he unknowingly saved the life of a criminal named Han, also called “The Demon King.” Dave’s sanity is questioned and put to the test as the quest for […]

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Blood Stripe

Returning home from her third tour of duty in Afghanistan, Marine Corps sergeant (Kate Nowlin), also known as “Our Sergeant”, is not the same person she was before. Memories and traumas from Afghanistan are haunting her and this time “Our Sergeant” cannot handle it. Not being able to sleep, mowing the lawn in the middle of the night and a […]

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Hikawa Maru Still

Hikawa Maru Review

HIKAWA MARU!!!!! A fascinating story, based on a true story, of a boy who dreams to work aboard the fantastic cruise liner, the Hikawa Maru! I never thought I would learn as much as I did from an anime that was based on a true story of a Japanese cruise liner history and its connections with other countries including the […]

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Review: “Out Run”

The Philippines is home to the world’s only LGBT political party, Ladlad. Director S. Leo Chiang gives audiences a fascinating look at gay rights activism in a country that is predominantly Catholic in his documentary “Out Run.” “Out Run” follows the work of Bemz Benedito, a trans-woman who aspires to be the Philippines’ first transgender member of Congress in Manila. […]

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Review: “A Piece of the Cake”

In stark contrast to the pristine images of Vanuatu I’ve seen in magazines like National Geographic, “A Piece of the Cake” shows viewers that life in this Melanesian island nation is not always a Pacific paradise. Directed by Peter Donovan Walker, “A Piece of the Cake” (Yumi Go Kale) tells the story of Betty, a teenager who wants to complete […]

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