10 Reasons why you should watch Gaza Surf Club

If you didn’t watch the documentary Gaza Surf Club by directors Philip Gnadt and Mickey Yamine, don’t panic. You can still catch it on Big Island on November 19th. Or on Kauai on November 20th. But why?

Here’s 10 reasons why you should:  

  1. Gaza Surf Club is a very touching documentary about a group of young men with a simple dream.
  2. The documentary is well-told.
  3. Beyond having the storyline properly aligned, the cast of the film are incredibly engaging and open to enlighten the audience.
  4. The film gives surf enthusiasts, – as well as everyone else, a completely different look into another culture where the waves bring happiness to the people.
  5. Gaza Surf Club depicts two different cultures – the Middle Eastern and the American.
  6. It is shot both in the Middle East and in Hawaii, resulting in many extraordinary locations.
  7. As the main character of the documentary, one young man opens up about the struggle to achieve his dream, but also shows us, that things can be done, regardless of the odds.
  8. Gaza Surf Club is the result of several countries’ mentality coming together in one film. It was made in one country and shot in two others.
  9. As a smaller but not less important side story, the film also focuses on another aspect of surfing in Gaza, – how the sport is almost prohibited for the female gender.
  10. The documentary was nominated for a Halekulani Golden Orchid Nominee.
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