“Island Earth”- Incredible!

As the second film part of a double feature (paired along with “Poisoning Paradise”) I was a little apprehensive to watching this film because I knew the topic was similar to the film I had just watched. I mean how much can you learn about pesticides in our food and what those pesticides do to … [Read…]

“Poisoning Paradise”

After viewing “Poisoning Paradise” on the Tuesday November 8 screening, I felt like I never want to eat something that isn’t organic or that I haven’t personally come from the Earth’s ground ever again. It was horrifying and frightening to explore the depths of how these big food companies “create” their food and to find … [Read…]

Prison Dogs

A heartwarming story with it all, from emotion, redemption, love, and loss. Prison Dogs follows three inmates in the Fishkill State Correctional facility in upstate New York that are serving long term prison sentences for murder and armed robbery. Instead of spending their days trying to pass time thinking about their crimes often times filled … [Read…]