I chose a Japanese movie that is called “Twisted Justice ” for the my first day of the Hawaii International Film festival that was Saturday November 12. Twisted Justice(the original title is 日本で一番悪い奴ら–Nihonde ichiban warui yatsura) is a Japanese crime comedy drama movie, that was directed by Kazuya Shiraishi and written by Junya Ikegami. The … [Read…]

HIFF Review: Apprentice

Apprentice is a film about a 28-year-old man named Aiman who lives with his older sister and works at a prison. He transfers to a maximum-security prison and becomes the apprentice of the man who is in charge of hanging inmates who have been given the death penalty. We gradually find out that Aiman’s father … [Read…]

HIFF Review: Yourself and Yours

This Korean film follows two girls in the same part of town who looks just like each other. Whether they are doppelgangers or twin sisters is never disclosed or explained. The two girls never meet each other. But they do meet the same people, which lead to a lot funny confusions. One of the girls … [Read…]

I will forever love Your Name.

Two minutes in and I could already tell I never wanted the movie to end. Wow… What an incredible movie. Your Name. is the perfect combination of every film aspect delivered with surgical precision and beauty. A supernatural romantic-comedy-drama, I found myself laughing, holding back tears and hanging on the edge of my seat. Flawless … [Read…]

Paterson: Life and Times of a Good Man

One hour in and I couldn’t believe it was only half way over. I would recommend Paterson to artful film enthusiasts or anyone with 2hrs they couldn’t better use elsewhere. It is a good film from an art perspective, but slow and dry for my taste. I’ll leave my negative perspective here and move forward … [Read…]


  For the end of the Hawaii International Film Festival, I watched another Japanese supernatural anime fantasy called Your Name. The movie was directed and written by Makoto Shinkai. The story revolves two young main characters who has different way of lives. One of the main characters Mistuha Miyamizu is a high school student who … [Read…]