One word to describe this documentary film would be; WOW. I am so happy that I attended this film because it made me a better person witnessing lifestyle and views of the people of Pahoa from the big island of Hawaii. The residents of Pahoa are extremely wholesome and take pride of the Aina (land). This documentary took place for about 200 day span on the active volcano Kilauea which erupted and the lava was flowing down on the town/village of Pahoa. This created a lot of commotion and controversy amongst the people and the people’s ideology and perceptions of Pele (the Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano). The people of Pahoa were divided one side accepted the change of Pele and embraced the lava coming into Pahoa, while the other side started to panic and were coming up with ideas how to stop the lava flow coming into town. Many people whom did not appreciate Pele’s presence packed up and left the town. The lava only destroyed one home and stopped about 0.3 milindexes from the main road of Pahoa.
This film gives you the insight of the history of Hawaii and the rich culture that everyone is drawn to. Throughout this film you witness several interviews from the people of Pahoa and the experts on the topic. This is when you get the feeling that some people are embracing Pele and her presence accepting change, while others reject her and want to manipulate Pele for personal interest (like saving their properties and main road) . I found it interesting when the town hand a meeting where the people got to speak their minds about this controversy. It gave you a clear insight of how the people of Pahoa are strong and came together to work this issue out. You get an understanding of how much the people care about each other and the land.
Later, in the film you see businesses and grocery stores start to close up while people clear out the shelves of food and other necessities. It was interesting to see people and their attitudes during this time because many people acted like an apocalypse was about to occur. Many positive people from Pahoa took this as a sign of change and started to Screen shot 2016-04-12 at 7.16.53 PMmake adjustments on their lifestyles. For example, they started to educate each other on how to live off the land without the need to shop at grocery stores like growing their own food and sharing amongst their own. Some people even had their own farms where they raised animals such as chickens, goats, and cattle as a source for food. The people took care of each other hosting by a potluck type of setting were people can come eat, trade, and educate each other on how to survive by living of the land naturally.
This was inspiring to see the people work together and interact. It shows you the true spirit of ‘aloha’ and it is quite contagious. I learned about the cultural of Hawaii and Pahoa through this documentary film and made me humble. I admire the people of Pahoa and their outlook on life. Hands down I would watch this film again and recommend it to allScreen shot 2016-04-12 at 7.17.52 PM.

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