Meeting Tadanobu Asano

     Tadanobu Asada is a Japanese actor known for his Hollywood movies such as Thor and the Battleship. He attended the red carpet event at the Hawaii International Film Festival to receive his Maverick Awards. He also attended his movie’s premiere and I got a chance to see it and ask him a question.

     Journey to the Shore was a story about a guy who passed away three years ago came back to his wife as a ghost and spent days traveling around rural Japan with her. During the interview at the movie premier, he said he had been doing roles that he wanted to act when he was young and this movie was also one of those kinds of roles. He was too young  to act as the middle aged husband or father. During the interview he talked mostly about the roles he wished he could act in when he was young, so I asked him what kind of role he wished he could act if he was younger now. Then he answered that he played different kinds of roles that young actors can do, so he does not really have any roles he wished he could’ve done.

     In his movies, he makes sure his presence is felt. He looks very strong and kind of scary. However, he honestly looked more ordinary and soft in person. I thought he was very modest because although he is in some famous Hollywood movies and speaks English in them, he said his English was not good enough so he needed an interpreter. He also looked very kind and skinny. It was very weird to see this famous person because I was born and raised in Japan and I never thought that I could get a chance. However, he was smiling all the time during the interview and photo session. I really felt his kindness and I am thankful for the Hawaii International Film Festival for giving me this opportunity. 12274196_878201832301001_3912276813482601863_n

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