Meeting Ryoko Hirosue

ryoko-243x300Ryoko Hirosue is a Japanese actress and heroine of her movie called Hana’s Miso Soup. She came to visit the Hawaii International Film Festival for her movie’s premiere and to receive her Career Achievement Award. I went to see her movie Hana’s Miso Soup at her premiere. She looked exactly the same as I saw in the movies. She was very beautiful and quiet, yet had her opinion strongly in her mind.
I was born and raised in Japan, so for me to get to see her in person was a pretty cool experience. She was one of the most famous actresses in Japan, and also is in some international films such as WASABI, which she co-started with Jean Reno. She also sings too. Her songs used to be very popular in Japan and I believe almost all Japanese people have heard her name at least once.
During the Q and A session at the premiere, she talked about how she contributed to the movie. Hana’s Miso Soup was a story about a women who was diagnosed with a cancer. It was based off of a true story, so she said she talked with her character’s actual husband and daughter. As she had conversations with the family, she found out the actual heroine was a very fun and entertaining women. Then she started thinking that the original script was too sad and then asked the director to change the script to make it happier. I thought it was pretty impressive because I thought actors and actresses just acted as they are told. I really liked how she cared about the true story and the actual family.
Ryoko Hirosue was also watching the movie with the audience on the of the premiere. She said she was glad to hear a lot of laughter because that was what she wanted. If I were an actress, I would have been too shy and scared to see my acting with the audience. I guess the reason why she could watch her film with us is because she had confidence from her hard work and effort, and I thought it was very cool.

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