“Throuple” What’s Normal Anyway?


R&B superstar Miguel has a song entitled “what’s normal anyway”. Miguel goes on to sing about how he wasn’t enough of this for that, or enough of that for this. This begged the question, “what’s normal anyway?” THROUPLE is the epitome of that question.

The tale begins on the coast of the island of Hawai’i. A young couple, James and Lexi, are new in town. While Lexi seems to be preoccupied with work on her computer most of the time, James is begging her for attention and affection, he barely gets either.

Like most people, James becomes intrigued by his neighbors, two young, fit men named Remy and Will, and one red headed woman named Skunk. It appears as though they are building something. James decides he should ask. Remy, Skunk, and Will tell James that they’re building a kava bar. Part of the building the kava bar involves digging a hole. “Digging a hole” is a common theme in this motion picture…

James is a little uptight at first, he rejects the idea of drinking beer during the midday like Will and Remy do. Eventually, he gives in and begins to enjoy midday beers with them. Remy, Will, and Skunk are free spirits, to say the least. The hole digging begins…

As the story moves along, James is still not getting any attention or affection from Lexi, and he’s becoming more and more friendly with the neighbors. But James starts to notice that there is something odd about Remy, Will, and Skunk. Remy and Will are really, touchy-feely with each other… but also with Skunk. Then it hits James… they are boyfriend, girlfriend, and boyfriend. James has a sexual history of his own so he isn’t really judging. James finds himself still digging…

Lexi is though. Lexi appears to be somewhat bothered by the notion that a couple could be something other than just one man and one woman. She ends up having a conversation with Skunk. This scene, to me, is the most important part of the movie. Lexi assumes that Skunk is in an open relationship. Skunk scoffs at the remark. She explains that she is in a closed relationship with two people. Skunk isn’t really forgiving when it comes to people. “I’ll never swim in a pool I already pissed in,” said Skunk. She’s referring to her trust being broken in a relationship. This statement leaves Lexi thinking about her own life and decisions. And so it goes… Lexi finds herself digging into this hole.

James is cool with everything up to this point. James just finds it ironic that Will is a “manly man” but he likes men. This is another important scene in the movie. Will tells James about how the Roman warriors were as manly as they come but they also engaged in sexual activity with men and women. And no one judged them. No one put them into categories. They just liked who they liked and that was that. James is digging deeper…

James and Lexi also have a less than “normal” sexual history. Will recognizes them from a porn series they did known as “F*ck Fit.” Lexi is clearly ashamed of this. It turns out they this was the reason they moved to the slower paced town of Puna. They were escaping their past life.

As a backdrop to this whole film, the throuple need to borrow machinery from their neighbor that would expedite the process of building the kava bar. The man that lives in the “castle house” is somewhat of a mystery. The throuple tell stories about how he eats dogs and things like that.

Eventually, they all make their way to the “castle house.” This is where they all find themselves in deepest of holes… I’m not going to give away the ending. I’m just going to tell you that you NEED to see it.

So… what’s “normal” anyway? Is a relationship containing one man and one woman “normal”? Is being in a relationship where your trust was already broken once “normal”? Normal is what you make it. To me, normal is when everyone is allowed to be who they want or what they want. There’s no manual to life. I’m happy as long as you’re happy. What you consider normal isn’t anyone else’s concern. It’s your life, be as normal as you please.


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