HPU @ Hiff

Final Thoughts on HIFF

Throughout the duration of the Hawaii International Film Festival, I was able to see two films. The first movie I saw was The Legend. I decided to watch The Legend because I had never seen a movie where the two main characters were played by the same actor and it wasn’t a comedy. So, I thought it’d be interesting to see a more serious film where one actor played two different roles. I loved the film and I loved how it incorporated action, romance, suspense and humor together. The crazy brother Ronnie Kray, with his insane comments and expressions, will be a character that I will never forget!

The second film I saw was Miss India America. I chose it because the festival’s program described it as the “Indian take on Mean Girls.” This instantly drew me in. However, there were things I really disliked about the movie. For instance, it seemed pretty cliché and cheesy at times. Overall, though, it was a decent film that some might enjoy.

Getting the chance to attend HIFF with a press pass was such an amazing opportunity that I am truly grateful for. I think this collaboration between HPU and HIFF is an extremely useful learning and professional experience. I felt as though I learned a great deal by actually diving in and learning about press and journalism first hand. Not only that, but HIFF can be a culturally enlightening and eye-opening event as well. Or, it can simply be a chance to spend some time making memories with your friends and family. Regardless, HIFF is an experience where everyone can find something to enjoy.


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