Self Made


Self Made was about a Israeli and Palestinian woman who seem to live very different lives, but they end up intersecting and becoming so similar that they are interchangeable with one another. The woman from Israel, Michal is a famous artist who is so well known for her controversial artwork, but she is suffering from memory loss and cannot even remember her name. The more she learns about her life that she can not remember, the more she seems to become disgusted with that version of her, and seems to want to distance herself as much as possible.


The other main character is a Palestinian woman, Nadine, who seems to have a  very different life. She lives in Palestine, and crosses the border into Israel every day to work in a furniture factory. He job is is to put 5 screws in a bag, and seal it. She doesn’t make much of an effort to talk to anyone, including her family. She is unentertained by her life, but takes no action to change it.


This two woman eventually blend so similar to one another that they literally switch lives and no one can even tell the difference, even though they look completely different. There are a lot of scenes at the border of Israel and Palestine, and the girl working there also has a lot of character development. I think shes there to show the detachment and lack of understanding military can have of the people they are dealing with. The border is where the two girls switched lives.

This was a Food for Thought Film, and for good reason. There was so many different themes in this movies it was very difficult to keep track of all of them, much less understand them. The discussion following the movie helped me align my thoughts a little, but my head was still spinning.

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