My HIFF Moment Part IV: Student Showcase

This year, the annual Student Showcase at HIFF premiered eleven short films directed, filmed, and produced by young students.  Some were mediocre, some were lacking, and some were amazing standouts.  Overall, it was really cool to see what these kids came up with and how they translated their ideas onto the big screen.

The films featured:

Cadence – Nicholas Bresnan

Lifeline – Talissa Wright

The Coralax – Kaya Goosby, Kawelo Higahshino, Troy Lau, and Taylor Redman

The Flower Girl – Jasmine Berndt

Eating Disorders – Danielle Woo

Hiki-No: T-Shirt Theatre – Antoine Vuong

The Heart of Chinatown – Lani Felicitas, Renee Kuwamoto, Preetha Pant, and Madison Philpot

Macbeth’s Dagger – Joseph Chang

Maui’s Axis Deer: Exploring Solutions to a Growing Problem – Bernardo Buenrostro, Jacob Harris, and Anthony Romero

The Little Things – Caitlin Alvior, Anya Carroll, Andromeda King, and Kaua Zabala-Moore

The Sled Challenge of Pele and Kahawali – Nader Shehata


Here is the Q&A Session following the screenings.  I apologize for the shakiness.

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