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  1. Dan

    Interesting. Please read my user review at IMDB internet movie data base and coincidentally many of the same comments appear. You should strongly consider posting this at IMDB because J-films do not get enough pro/con reviews, professional or amateur like mine. Re the star’s walking style. In his video interview great J-actor Tsutomu Yamazaki says you create your character by the way you walk. Tsumabuki also specializes in facial expressions, that’s how he won his first audition. Hence the absence of a lot of dialogue which some reviewers complained about. Notice there were relatively few subtitles. I agree that white actors in J-films are generally not A-list quality. The baseball scenes were shot in chilly March in northern Japan. Akira Kurosawa filmed his summer scenes in chilly winter – to make sure the stifling heat got adequately depicted in acting and on the camera.

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