HIFF Moment 3 : The World of Kanako

The World of Kanako

The World of Kanako was my third movie screening at the Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) and it was clearly the most unusual film I’ve seen in a quite a while. The movie introduces the audience to Akikazu, an alcoholic abusing father of one who has lost his family and his career as a detective due to his addiction and radical behavior. Akikazu has one child, a beautiful daughter named Kanako. Since losing both his job and his family, Akikazu hasn’t seen or spoken to his daughter for quite a while. One day, Kanako goes missing, with all of her materialistic items still left behind in her room. Kanako’s mother hesitantly asks Akikazu, her ex-husband to go find their daughter; this call to action begins the ongoing search for Kanako. This search takes the viewers on a wild ride, as an alcoholic, emotional and abusive ex detective goes on a rampage throughout the city to find his daughter. During the search Akikazu finds himself beaten up by gangsters, beating up anyone and everyone that couldn’t beat HIM up, consuming tons of alcohol, wrecking the only car he has (yet it still runs throughout the whole movie), he also kills a few people and rapes the wife of a serial killer. Oh! and he also finds out that his daughter is pretty much a drug lord who is infamous for sleeping with rich old men and killing anyone she can manipulate.

Now then, despite the unusual approach to this particular storyline, I found this movie fun to watch. It was kind of like a action/comedy/drama film filled with some Quentin Tarantino -esque cinematography styles (unusual amount of cartoon like bloodshed, funny one liners, etc.) The only part of the film that pissed me off was the ending where Akikazu thinks he’s close to finding his daughter but he never does, then the movie ends. I’m assuming there will be a part two, which I’m probably going to watch just because I need to find some closure after that cliff-hanger/horrible ending. Overall, I wouldn’t recommend children to come watch this, this is more of a “night out with mature/witty/sarcastic friends who love making fun of movies” type film.

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