HIFF Moment 2 : Hip-Hop Fellow

9th Wonder / Hip-Hop Fellow

For my second, and definitely my favorite movie screening at the 2014 Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF) I went to see a hip-hop documentary called The Hip-Hop Fellow. It features one of my favorite hip-hop producers growing up, 9th Wonder. This documentary takes us into 9th Wonder’s experience as a Harvard University professor where he teaches students about the history and standards of the hip-hop culture. The main focus of the film is to explore the relationship and show the beneficial significance of hip-hop studies in the educational realm.

Throughout the whole documentary I felt nostalgic because much of the information conveyed in the film has been information and lessons I’ve learned growing up. Throughout the mid / late 90’s and all the way until now, the hip-hop culture has been somewhat of a guide that helped mold the person I am today. I love the fact that this culture has taken a route towards education because it really opens peoples perspective on not just the music, but the lifestyle as well. My favorite parts of the film was the various artists that were interviewed. Artists that have taken up the role to keep hip-hop alive and well throughout the new generations.


The Hip-Hop Fellow Outtakes

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