HIFF Moment 1 : Jalanan


For my first movie screening at the 2014 Hawaii International Film Festival (HIFF), a few of my classmates and I went to see a full featured Indonesian documentary film called JalananProducer Daniel Ziv takes us on a journey through the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia and introduces the lifestyles of a few street musicians in the area. We witness these musicians everyday performances throughout the most unorthodox places, and follow them back to their home villages as they narrate their achievements and struggles of searching for identity and love from the public of Jakarta.

Unfortunately, during the movie there were some technical difficulties with the movie projector so we pretty much stared at a black screen for about 15 minutes. Besides the technical errors, the overall documentary was great. It really brings in a new perspective on how people from other countries live, and personally, I love being able to see different cultures and lifestyles.

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