Big Hero 6 Review


I was really impressed with Disney’s Big Hero 6. It exceeded my expectations because at first, the only reason I wanted to watch it was because it was created by Disney.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket before they sold out.

Disney has a way of creating characters that win over your heart and they execute it yet again in Big Hero 6. Hiro Hamada explores his intellect and becomes the genius and hero he was destined to be. It was packed with action and humor that kept me entertained the whole way through.

Hiro’s buddy robot, Baymax, won me over from just the previews. Though he’s a character of few words, he adds much humor to the movie through his little mishaps.

As always, Disney delivers in terms of animation. The screen lights up with images of the fictional San Fransokyo that depict the fast pace of both San Francisco and Tokyo.

I would recommend Big Hero 6 to everyone. It is a movie for all ages and is one more reason that Disney is best at what they do.

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