Waiting for Big Hero 6 Premiere

And The Curtain Goes Down

I only got to see two movies at HIFF this year. I saw Big Hero 6 and In Order of Disappearance. I chose these two mainly because these were the ones that caught my attention. BH6, Disney’s new movie. I love Disney and I had huge hopes for it. Frozen was never my thing, even though it is mostly based on Norway and Scandinavian culture. So I thought, where would Disney go next?

IOD movie, Norwegian, I am Norwegian, therefore had to see it. Especially because the movie industry in Norway is currently going downhill in terms of good movies being made, and problems with rights and taxes to actually shoot in Norway. The movie impressed me greatly.

Photo credit: http://www.filmweb.no/bildeserier/article1150303.ece

Photo credit: http://www.filmweb.no/bildeserier/article1150303.ece

I also got to attend two Creative Labs, the one with Lucy Alibar and Bernie Su. Incredible talks that inspired me greatly, and gave a lot more knowledge about the creative part and business models within the media industry today. Not to mention, how it is changing every day. These events also gave me a chance to assist with shooting the event for the Creative Lab people through Georja Skinner.

Personally, I think my highlight of HIFF was seeing BH6 before the rest of the world. Mainly because I had so high hopes for it, and it delivered. I wish I could see more movies, but first of all, everything got sold out within minutes. Second; the HIFF site kept glitching out on me making it impossible to even get tickets. Third, I have 4 other classes that also requires my attention and giving all of that up for watching movies every night of the week would be too much for me to give up. I mean, I also need my sleep.


HIFF inspired me greatly with creativity, and helping me rediscover my love for watching movies. I am not a movie-watching person. I normally hate it, but in contrast, videography and the Art of film is one of my main interests. I guess it is tied with the fact that I cannot watch movies for entertainment anymore. I keep catching myself analyzing, and also the fear of being aware that I’m watching a movie.

What I had problems with about HIFF, was nothing big, but they need to improve their ticket website. Buggy and unstable. For a festival this big this should not be unacceptable.

As I did not attend any specific cultural events or movies, even being just exposed to various cultures throughout the festival, it is hard for me to say what I learned. I guess I learned from Big Hero 6 that you can combine Tokyo and San Francisco into one mega city and it will work on screen.


Definitely would recommend the festival for anybody. People need to open their minds and expose themselves to perhaps movies that totally contradicts their culture or understanding of the world. People should go and watch something they think they’ll hate, maybe they will learn something from themselves. However I think that people who have the extra time and budget for it should go to as many movies as you can. Going in as a full-time student with no spare time besides school proved to me to be hard and exhausting.

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