It’s Rock and Roll…EXPOSED

The era of rock and roll has been forever defined through the lens of Bob Gruen. Photographer Bob Gruen followed and photographed the rock and roll scene for half a century. Photos taken through Gruen’s lens tell the story, and give context to much of what happened during the era.

ROCK_AND_ROLL_pic_31_3Director Don Letts, in his film Rock and Roll Exposed, was able to very strategically showed the gradual change in rock and roll through the photo lens of Gruen. The period of rock and roll was not simply a selected group of individuals playing a particular style and tone of music. The rock and roll scene was always in constant flux. Bands and singers came and went, styles got hot and died. But Bob Gruen was there for it all. Letts showed how Gruen’s photo’s really captured what was happening at particular times of the rock and roll era. He showed how the moments captured by Gruen told audience members a particular story, and give a lot of contextual.

ROCK-AND-ROLL-pic-5a_3Bob Gruen was unlike any other photographer of his time, or the present. He was able to very naturally capture special and moments of the lives of rock and roll star. Stars such as Iggy Pop even vouched for said that Gruen had a unique way of becoming a part of the band and then shooting photos from almost within.

Within the film Letts uses celebrity interviews of rock and roll stars such as Goldie and Alice Cooper to supplement and add credit to Gruen’s work. The celebrity’s swore within the film, and helped add a lot of authenticity to the work. The film was very enlightening, as it showed a completely different perspective to rock and roll. Going into the film, many would expect the images from Gruen ROCK-AND-ROLL-pic-4a_3would center around particular artists throughout the “rock and roll” era, but in fact, the film followed Gruen from artist to artist and sound to sound as the rock and roll era moved forward. Audience members were able to see, from the inside, changes and dynamics of the rock and roll scene. Because Gruen was able to so inconspicuously take and show photos of rock and roll bands and stars, audience members were able to truly see what the whole rock and roll era encompassed. The film was very insightful with regards to rock and roll, and all those who were a part of it. Very educational yet fun film!

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