HIFF Wrap Up

HIFF Wrap Up

October 18, 2013

Just got back from the HIFF Closing Party at The Modern Hotel. I felt that I got to know the Modern, not in a weekend stay-cation sort of thing. But like Harry, Ron, and Hermoine weaving through the castle corridors at Hogwarts.

What I’m trying to say is that for the past four days, tourists and locals alike saw a 22-year old furiously typing and crumpling sheets of paper in almost every corner, of every floor of that hotel.

Big shout-outs to The Modern for giving us free reign.

But honestly, my expectations of HIFF this year were totally different than a week ago. I was planning on enjoying some movies with a press pass and catching up with some friends that I met during last year’s festival.

That all changed after this writing program — a writer’s room is like a tribe, and I totally feel at home with a group of people trying to make sense by arranging and re-arranging words. To tell a story.

I did not get a chance to see any films at this year’s HIFF, but I think I got an even better bargain. I got the chance to share my story with an Academy Award Winning Writer, and Emmy Nominated Television Producers, as well as all the talented writers in around the table.

What looked on paper as ephemeral, was just in fact the opposite. We post things on each other’s Facebook, email notes and suggestions, and hopefully we get to meet next month and talk about the thing we were all born to do — write.

I would’ve loved me some of that Miyazaki greatness, though.

Cold Open.

Cold Open.

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