Robert Lambeth Welcomes…

Last night (10/15/13) I attended the opening reception for HIFF’s Creative Lab Writers Accelerator Program. As one of the 12 writers invited to the immersive four day program, it was great seeing the faces of the scripts that I’ve been reading over the past couple of days.image
(Georja, Robert, Michael)

Prior to the reception, one of the requirements all the writers had to do was to read each other’s scripts and provide one page of notes. It was not easy, because most of the scripts were features, full length screenplays estimating around 90-100 pages.

Luckily for the other writers, I wrote a television pilot, they’re usually around 40 pages, mine was 37. You’re welcome, other writers. But yesterday I was scrambling all day to read scripts and make notes on them.

As a writer, it was great seeing an open bar (unlimited Maker’s Mark)! I saw some familiar faces, like Jason Lau and Georja Skinner, as well as some new ones including all the writers, representatives from the WGA (Writers Guild of America), and Rene Hayes, who was the Casting Director from The Twilight Saga. As I go forward into my own short film production, I had some questions regarding that field.



I thought that it was great talking to the other writers about their projects — some of them have been working on their scripts for a couple of years, while others wrote it just before the submission deadline. I also noticed that I was the youngest in attendance, which I think is going to be super beneficial to me, and it proved last night, because I got to hear a bunch of advice about writing in showbiz, Los Angeles, etc.

I also got to meet my coach for the next four days, Dennis Leoni. He had this great story about the original Hawaii Five-O and Jack Lord that was pretty cool. Since he’s in the medium of television, and most recently written a web-series, it was great talking to him (and his wife who also writes) about comedy writing and television and how to go about getting things read and being staffed (which is my first career goal).


Overall, the reception was a great introduction to what the next four days will entail, I look forward to writing daily reviews journaling what I’ve done and the improvements I’ve made to the script. One of the highlights will be on Thursday, where Bobby Moresco will speak (FOR FREE) at The Modern Honolulu. I hope to get some great soundbites of him if possible.

Let’s write.

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