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Closing Night of HIFF

Closing Night

The day came for the closing night of HIFF.  One thing that I wish I would have had was more time to watch more of the amazing films featured at this year’s film festival.  Though, I cannot complain.  I was able to see four movies and three of which I watched on the closing night of HIFF.

I was determined to see the three movies; About Time, If Only, and Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.  It was the most movies I had ever watched in a day and actually in a whole month.  The movies were definitely worth watching.

About Time taught me the importance of life and how important it is to live every moment like how you want it to be.  If Only was the first Tagalog movie that I have seen and it was a movie that I was able to connect with on a cultural understanding.  The Nelson Mandela film was very informative and powerful.  I have always heard the name Nelson Mandela but never knew his story before this film.

I am glad to say that I was able to take something from each film and that was knowledge and new insight of life, the world, and culture.  I noticed the differences in perspective, morals and values among each of the films that were from the UK and the Philippines.  Each film showcased different ideals of the culture that was captured.

In the Nelson Mandela movie freedom was important to their people and in the If Only movie filmed in the Philippines making life decisions with family in mind is important in their culture.  About Time and Philomena showed the importance of life and exposed the culture followed by the nuns and what was important to them.

I enjoyed the four films that I was able to see.  I learned a lot from the films and wish that everyone else who experienced HIFF this year is able to say the same.

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