The Thieves

The  Theives was  one of the most popular films of the entire film festival. 2 more showings had to be added of the film on closing night because of how many people wanted to see the film. This was a Korean film whose original name is (Dodukdeul or 도둑들). This was one of the best films that HIFF could have brought to their film festival. With more than 12.9 million in ticket sales it is now the second highest grossing movie in Korean film history!

It was co written by Choi Dong-hun and Lee Gi-Cheol and directed by Choi Dong-hun this is an edge of your seat keep you guessing type of action movie that deals with double dealings and multiple betrayals. The film takes place in both South Korea in Hong Kong as a group of professional theives from Korea team up with a crew from Hong Kong to steal a heavily guarded diamond necklace from a safe in Macau, China.

This was such a great film! It was interesting and and keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire movie. You never know who really is aligned in the movie and the ending will leave you stunned.

Just make sure you pay attention because the movie is in Korean, Chinese, and at times even Japanese. The movie has subtitles but you have to remember who can speak Korean, who can speak Chinese, who can speak both and who can speak Japanese. This part will sometimes leave you confused especially if you have no idea the differences between these languages.

If you didn’t get a chance to see the film at this year’s HIFF I reccommend trying to go see it. It is still playing at the Pearlridge Movie theatre in Aiea.


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