Spirited Away

Spirited Away is about a spoiled girl named Chihiro.  Chihiro moved with her parents to a new town.  Like a typical spoiled girl she’s unhappy and doesn’t want to move.  However as the story goes on, we meet several different characters that have much more to say than just being spirits.

The first character that I’m talking about is Haku, the White Dragon.  Throughout the movie, Haku displays a lot of strength and sadness.  Haku originated from the Kohaku river that no longer exists.  The reason that the Kohaku river is no longer in existence is because it was drained out to create an apartment complex.  This raises the idea that without a home, one is at a lost.  Even a character as calm, collected and strong as Haku, one must have a home or their soul will be lost.

Another interesting character in Spirited Away is Yubaba.  Yubaba is the main antagonist of the story and the owner of the bath house where much of the movie takes place.  Her initial impression is like most antagonist, harsh greedy and well evil.  Throughout the movie Yubaba seems to make her number one priority even before her family.   She also steals the names of her employees which makes it where the employees (spirits) have to work for Yubaba forever.  Despite being evil, Yubaba portrays a lot of good as well.  She does not cheat when it comes to business and honors her word no matter what she says.  She also makes sure that everyone has a job and is working and recognizes that everyone needs to feel useful.  And finally despite often putting money before everyone else, she loves her son Boh, almost to the point where it could be too much.  This shows that there is good and evil within everyone.  No matter how bad somebody may seem, there is something that is good about them, and they still have the ability to love.

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