Ek Tha Tiger

Ek Tha Tiger is an Indian made cinematic highlighting the tension between the Indian and the Pakistani governments.  Overall I would consider it to be an action comedy type of film.  Having the opportunity to see a film from a different country proved to be rather unique in my opinion.  Most of the movies that I’ve seen in my lifetime are American made.

Because Ek Tha Tiger is an Indian film, there were quite a few differences in this film compared to most American films.  Probably the most notable difference was the music videos.  Throughout the entire film, there are three music videos.  In American movies there is usually just one music video if any at all, and its at the end of the film.  In Ek Tha Tiger there were two music videos literally in the middle of the film which felt like it interrupted the movie in my opinion.
Another difference that wasn’t as noticeable in the beginning is the amount of sexuality in the movie.  Basically this Indian spy fall in love with a Pakistani spy.  If you watch James Bond you know what happens when a hot chick is in a room with the spy.  But in this movie almost no sexuality is portrayed at all.  It definitely shows the differences in culture between America and India, where America is very liberal compared to the conservative India.
Getting back to the main theme of the movie (the tension between Pakistan and India) I liked how the movie was able to depict this tension between the two sides in a easy to digest format.  What I mean is that is that its portrayed but heavily toned down.  If you are unfamiliar with the topic, both Pakistan and India both have nuclear weapons and they are pointing them at each other.  That’s right, there is a ton of tension between the two sides and they really hate each other.  In the movie you get that feeling that both sides don’t like each other when they have the elite spy units spying on each other , however its not there is a love story tied into it to make it easy for people to watch.


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