Eden is the story of a young Korean girl who gets captured and flung into the realm of prostitution.  I liked this movie for a number of reasons.  This movie in my opinion felt very real.  It showed a lot of the aspecting born in areas where there is constant war, or in areas where crime is constant.  Do people just get used to it and just live on and get used to their negative environment?  And the answer in my opinion is yes and no.  Most people will eventually accept their surroundings like Eden, however they will still long and hope for a better solution and try to find a way out such as Eden did when she escaped in the end.

What I liked best about the movie was not so much the portraying of the prostitution scene, but actually the display of corruption and betrayal in the movie.  The man that is forcing Eden into prostitution is the Chief of Police in Las Vegas.  Obviously the Chief of Police should be arresting people for promoting prostitution, not running a whole opperation.  This brings up the question “Who can we trust?”  The very person that should be stopping this vile act is creating it.  Now I’m sure now days there are certain protocols put in place to stop this sort of thing but it definitely raises the awareness to keep on the look out for those who are corrupt. In fact I believe that’s a citizen’s responsibility.  I’m pretty sure that was not the movie’s original intent, but it did raise that sort of feeling for me at least.During the movie, it shows Eden grow older and live within the prostitute house for several years.  Something else that I noticed is that those that have lived in the prostitute house for a while got really used to it.  Although Eden didn’t like becoming a prostitute, it portrayed her becoming used to her new life.  It makes me think about others who are in pretty bad situations as well such being involved in war, drugs and other situations that violate human rights.  Do these people simply accept their reality? After looking at the video to a certain extent these people have to accept their surroundings, but like Eden many people have hope to get out of their situation and wait patiently for an opportunity to present itself.

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