2012 HPU@HIFF Awardees Announced

HPU@HIFF Awardees Announced

The HPU Media and Cinematic Arts (MCA) program announced Awardees for the 2012 HPU@HIFF Collaboration with the Hawai’i International Film Festival (HIFF).


Some 100 Hawai’i Pacific University (HPU) students from across the campus in a variety of majors from Journalism to Marine Sciences participated in blogging, tweeting, reporting, designing and videotaping their take on a full slate of over 200 movies, press conferences, industry workshops and social galas at the 32nd annual HIFF, and it’s all streamed online at http://hpu.hiff.org.  50 university participants had full International Press Pass access to the festival as part of course work in media literacy, writing, producing, reporting, designing and real-time streaming.

HPU Department of Communication faculty and HIFF organizers recognized the best reports, reviews, videos, design projects, and other contributions to this innovative, real-time collaboration.

HIFF Executive Director Chuck Boller helped choose the winner of the HIFF Best in Show Award, which went to Daniel Thu, a Strategic Communication student, for an enterprising teller and ticketing design collaboration proposal between Bank of Hawai’i and HIFF. Here is his DESIGN.

Daniel Thu working hard at HIFF

Mr. Boller observed that “The collaboration between HPU and HIFF is an exciting and important one.  I am extremely impressed by the competence of the students.  They are go getters who professionally pursue interviews and watch films like seasoned critics, while still bringing in their own individual values and experiences.  Usually, if they do not identify themselves to me as HPU students, I assume they are film industry or mainstream press.  They are that good!  They ask the most impressive questions at the HIFF press conferences and display wisdom beyond their years.  I look forward to this program growing even more in the future!”

Professor Annmarie Manzulli and HPU Reporters

Other awardees include, Charles Yago for his insightful Kupuna Lens interview, Christian Valenzuela for Best Film Review on audience expectations and Japanese Anime, Agnes Ostengen for the inaugural HPU@HIFF Spirit Award, given to the HPU reporter who best exemplifies the spirit of creativity and exploration that HIFF seeks to foster; and Daniel Thu who also won awards for Best Art & Design for the Bank of Hawai’i-HIFF Teller collaboration, and the Voter’s Choice Award for the body of his work.

Awardees were selected by HPU Faculty and HIFF Staff, except for the Voter’s Choice Award, which was determined by online voting.  Congratulations to all the HPU Reporters, Videographers and Designers!

Here are a few numbers from the 32nd Annual HIFF:

Total Films: 219
Total Screening: 243
Total Unique Programs: 139
Total Countries Represented:  41
Total Attendance: 79,068
Total HIFF Education Programs: 27
Total Media Impressions: 751,640,000

Total HPU Students:  More than 100, because everyone brought friends and family….

HPU@HIFF Spirit Award Winner Agnes Østengen
HPU@HIFF Spirit Award Winner Agnes Østengen

27 World
7 International
7 North American
24 United States
2 West Coast
124 Hawaii

MCA Multimedia Cinematic Production major Davis Kop with Keiko, "Killer Shushi" star Rina Takeda
MCA Multimedia Cinematic Production major Davis Kop with Keiko, “Killer Shushi” star Rina Takeda
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