October 21st, 2012 – Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business @ Regal Dole Cannery Stadium 18

I originally wanted to watch “Hang Loose” but due to unexpected events I only left my house as the time on the ticket showed up on my clock therefore I printed out tickets to the next two showings which were “Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business” and “Holy Motors”. I didn’t watch “Holy Motors” but ended up watching “Sione’s 2: Unfinished Business” directed by Simon Bennett.

I went into the theater not knowing what this film was about. My impression (just off the film title) was it was going to be boring or it sounded like a drama, I didn’t expect a comedy. Also seeing any sort of number in a film’s title made me think: “omg, there’s probably a first one. I am going to be lost throughout the film.”

Once the film started playing I eased up because the language they used and the laughter I was beginning to hear throughout the theater got me to realize it was going to be a funny movie. At first I thought it was another local film (made in Hawaii) but their accents didn’t match up so I figured it was New Zealand.

The storyline of the movie was quite interesting and unexpected. There were some flashback parts that didn’t match up to what showed earlier in the movie (it annoys me).

Already from the beginning I was trying to piece together the puzzle, piece by piece took a while but that ending, I didn’t see coming. I even believed that Paul was going to commit suicide and that the girls that he had made cry were HIS lovers and that he was saying good-bye to them not Michael’s brother’s lovers.

Oscar Kightley – One of the screenwriters of the film, he plays Albert who can’t impregnate his wife. When he first appeared onscreen, I thought he would play more of the nerdy role instead of being the leader of the group.

Robbie Magasiva – The brother of Sione, who comes back to New Zealand to attend his brother’s funeral and keep away from his wife’s family the Melbourne Mafia. Throughout the beginning before his wife shows up, he was the mysterious character, the charmer that swooned all the ladies.

Shimpal Lelisi – He portrayed the failure and acted dumb, sometimes too dumb that it became overdramatic.

Iaheto Ah Hi – He also played the dumb yet religious one, following the word of the Lord.

Paul – The person who accidently kills Michael’s brother, Sione by throwing a basketball at his head. I didn’t think his acting in the beginning was that great.

Eugene (body guard) – One of the bodyguards of the minister that ends up being Albert, Michael, Sefa, and Stanley’s driver as they search for Bolo aka Paul because they think that he’s going to commit suicide after killing Michael’s brother, Sione. Though he didn’t talk much in the movie, the way he was portrayed made me laugh and I found the movie more entertaining.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t expect to watch this movie but I’m glad I got to see it. I also plan on finding the first movie and watching that as well to see what had happened before the sequel was released.

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