October 18th, 2012 – Digital Media Technologies Summit @ Sheraton Waikiki

Parking — Took a while before finding out where we could park. We were also lucky that we left campus early because there were construction / road closures while driving into Waikiki so the timing was perfect. It didn’t matter though because it didn’t even start late because the rest of the panelists were stuck in traffic too. To add to that, the workers had to set up more chairs because apparently there was an overwhelming demand to attend this session.

The workers at the table were being quite strict because apparently you needed to print out the vouchers and give it to them, which I didn’t know but that’s okay I knew I had reserved two.

Not all the seats were filled up (what lies)

The topics were quite interesting though the way it was presented to the audience was lacking. I’m sorry to say but because of the way it was presented I eventually got up and decided not to spend any more time at this particular session.

There were cookies and mints though along with beverages such as coffee and tea.

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