A sterotyped picture of gay people

Two weddings and a funeral takes up an important issue; being homosexual in Korea. The film is made in South Korea, and I was curious to see how they would present the situation. Unfortunately, the potential for making a film that really presents the situation, is not used. Instead it presents a steretyped picture about gay people.  

The film is about the Korean gay doctor Min-Soo, and his co-worker Hyo-Jin, who is a lesbian. Min-Soo has a lot of issues around his sexual orientation, and is not out of the closet, and Hyo-Jin wants to adopt a baby. Therefore, they decide to marry each other to make the situation easier for both.

We follow the two main characters and their experiences around the situation. We are introduced to Min-Soo’s gay friends, who are presented in a very stereotyped way. Few of the characters have any depth and they are just all about being feminine, singing, dancing, flirting and talking about sex.

There are however some good stories there, too. The most giving story is Min-Soo’s development, and his journey to accept his sexual identity. Seeing his reaction to one of his gay friends being beaten up and actually die, and how this makes him react to the society and to express his feeling about being gay, was the strongest part of the film. However, as the death of this person becomes a joke and a humorous part of the movie, through the other gays making sexual jokes about him, ruines the story.

The biggest problem is that the film doesn’t manage to balance the seriousness with the humor, and therefore the scenes that are supposed to be funny, just ruines the important stories. It’s sad, because it had the potential to be an important film about an important issue. There are some stories in the film that are very good, like the journey of the main characters to acceptance of their sexual orientation, and the relationships between Min-Soo and his boyfriend. If the focus had been on these stories, and the stereotyped gay men got a little less focus, this could have been a really good film.

– Agnes

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