Q and A about SMOKIN’ FISH

There was a good oppotunites to ask a question to a director who is Luke Griswold-Tergis.  He is the director, producer, writter, and cinematography of “Smokin’ Fish”. Smokin’ Fish a documentary film about story between modarn world and ancient culture. He felt nostlagic his childhood, then he went to country side in Alaska to spend making smoking fish. So, he spent most of time in summer for it.


The picture shows that Luke Griswold-Tergis is paddoling on the boat to look for salmon on the river in Alaska



I think that this movie is very important to every culture because most traditional things of every culture have changed something or faded away somehow. I think that it is a sad occurence and a kind of current problem in the world. For example, There is many traditional processes to make a smoking fish. However, NOWADAYS, a machine can make a smoking fish automatically. In addition, technology of ship has developed, then fishing a salmon also becomes easy in compared with before. Everything has developed and changed, simultaneously, traditiional way could change to easier way. It also means that people forget the traditional processes of it and the efforts to make it. So, This film is talking how to survive an ancient culture in modarn world. This film told me that losing our traditional things was very sad and telling traditional things to a young generation to keep the tradional and cultural things.

Here is Q & A Video’s link



Cory Mann(co-director)

Luke Griswold-Tergis(director/producer/writer/cinematographer)

Maureen Gosling(editer)

Jed Riffe (executive producer)

Manolo Turri(additional directing/additional editing/additinal camera/stunt double)

Holly Grey(additional directing/additional editing/additinal camera/art work)

Ishmael Hope(cultural consultant/additiional interviews with elders)


Cory Mann(protagonist)

Yees Ku Oo dance group


Audio pharmacy

Marisa Anderson/The Dolly Ranchers

The Devil Makes Three

Los cenzontles

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