1. tom irwin

    Looks like a great film. How do i see the whole thing?
    River surfing has been around for a long time as a backyard sport, but it has really defined itself recently. it has turned landlocked cities into surf communities! Montreal, Canada apparrently has a great spot.

  2. Mandi

    Tom whats up!!!
    Im not sure if the movie is on DVD yet, but it should be soon.
    Ya theres actually a good portion of the movie filmed on skookumchuck river in BC! I thought that was super cool and the wave look really gnarly!

  3. Anne K

    This is hilarious! And I have seen them boogie boarding down the colorado rivers too. I love this context of seeing European river surfing at a film festival in Hawaii as well as the idea of being “saved” from the Californian surf culture by the river.
    Thanks for posting this clip!

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