1. Kristian

    Nice post Joseph,

    do you think ESSENTIAL meaning was lost beacause of the translation or is it just minor details?

    A great thing about your post is how it underlines the importance of International film — earlier it was almost entirely JUST a question of American films but nowadays other countries contribue to a greater extent… And I think that is really good for creativity, competition and the development of the entire business.

    • joseph

      I understood enough of the structure of the plot to understand the gist of the story, but I really think some important character development was missing. The missing information may have filled in some plot holes and answered plot related questions, which would have helped me understand motivations and purpose and enjoy the story more. Better, more complex, translations that delivered the information would have been extremely helpful, but not necessary to get the overall plot. It being missing just makes the plot weaker than it might have been in its native language.

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