Duckweed is a story that focuses on the relationship between a son and his father. Resenting his father for the way he was treated growing up, Xu Tailang becomes the world’s best driver, an occupation that his father never supported, and wins the 2022 China Rally Championship. Specific circumstances come into play, and Tailang is somehow sent back in time […]

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The story of the film “Gook” revolves around 3 central characters. The beginning of the movie introduces us to arguably the most central character to the story, 11-year old African-American girl named Kamilla (Simone Baker). Later, two Korean-American brothers, Eli (Justin Chon), and Daniel (David So) are revealed as having grown up in a neighborhood where they are seen as […]

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Last men in Aleppo

The last men in Aleppo

I’m on my moped on my way to the theater, before I left I had done some research on my MacBook as to where this theater was located since this would be my first visit to this specific facility.  On the way I find myself being stuck at a parking lot, google maps clearly told me that this would be […]

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Promotional photo from the film Snap

HIFF Screening of Snap (Sad movie was sad.)

Set in contemporary Thailand after the introduction martial law, this film shows us what it is like to go on with your life while everything is crumbling around you. The director, Kongdej Jaturanrasmee, told the international film press that he wanted to make a simple movie about human emotions. Known for his politically nuanced films, Snap is comparatively low-key. It does, […]

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HPU Student Body President Christopher Morrow (left)meets Director Lena Khan(right) after the screening.

The Tiger Hunter – A Story About Becoming Yourself

The Tiger Hunter was hands down my favorite movie from this year’s Hawaii International film festival! The film was hilarious, heartfelt, and entertaining. Yet, it also imparts a very important message in the end, your life isn’t about what everybody else thinks is success, it’s about recognizing who you really are and being happy being that person. In the film, […]

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Appreciation Post

Thank you to the Honolulu International Film Festival for providing 36 years of wonderful films. Films that have stretched from Asia to Hawai’i. I am sure that Hawai’i is always grateful to have films that were created by many producers, be promoted and broadcasted here. Through HIFF many producers, directors, and actors were able to be recognized. It is very […]

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