A Clean Start in Pahoa

What does Aloha truly mean for the Hawaiian natives? Love, presence, sharing, harmony and peace are some answers. Its true meaning was experienced in the town Pahoa on the Big Island after the 2014 eruption of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano. The story that followed is about people accepting their faith and honoring Mother Nature’s will. On April 7, the premiere of […]

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AHI+KA Great film based in New Zealand where this young girl is living off her ancestor’s land all by herself. I would say she is about 12 or 13 years old, extremely wise and aware of her land and surroundings. A conflict of some foreign settlers (people trying to take the land) appear in the beginning of the film by […]

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The Boy and the Beast-化け物の子

For the second movie, I chose to watch “The Boy and the Beast-化け物の子-”. It was a Saturday evening show and the theater was fully packed with people hoping to see this Japanese anime movie. Bakemono-no-ko”化の物の子“ the Japanese original title of this film “The Boy and the Beast” is a Japanese animation movie that is directed by Mamoru Hosoda. He received […]

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Chigasaki Story

I chose a Japanese movie that is called “Chigasaki Story” for the first day of the Hawaii International Film festival that was Friday November 20. Chigasaki story (the original title is 3泊4日、5時の鐘 – sanpaku yokka goji no kane ) is a Japanese drama or romance movie, that was directed by Takuya Misawa in 2014. The story is set in Shonan, […]

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Where to Invade Next?

One of the last films shown at the 2015 Hawaii International Film Festival was yet another one of those pesky political docu-dramas about the war on terrorism or the war on whatever. Wait, Where to Invade Next isn’t about American imperialism or our never-ending quest for other nations’ resources? It is not. Where to Invade Next is not the question […]

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Wrap Analysis 2015

Wrap Analysis I attended the Fall 2015 Hawaii film festival at the dole cannery theater. I was able to attend three movies, “The Boy and The Beast”, “Yoko the Cherry Blossom” and “Yosemite”. I have never attended HIFF before and I didn’t really know which movie I should see. A friend of mine recommended going to go see Yoko the […]

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