The main idea for this film review came to me when I decided to watch a movie, but the idea of doing a conventional written review felt wrong for this. One of my classes at HPU focus on analyzing movies to gain a greater understanding, but these things often leads to studying the film prior to seeing it. Some may […]

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YOSEMITE Lives in James Franco’s Childhood

By Silje Solland (Ebert Young Writers Participant) Set in 1985 and based on James Franco’s short stories from his collections, A California Childhood &Palo Alto, Yosemite is a visually stunning 4-part story about three boys exploring their feelings and imagination as they face the reality of adulthood and the threat of a mountain lion. Director Gabrielle Demesteree’s debut feature film manages […]

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Miss India America Misses the Mark

I had the opportunity to watch the Hawaii premiere of Miss India America, directed by Ravi Kapoor. The ninety-five minute film was about valedictorian, perfectionist and winner at all costs, Lily Prasad. Her seemingly perfect life comes crashing down when her boyfriend, Karim, breaks up with her for the reigning winner of Miss India National. Always being number one, Lily […]

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Legend is the story of the Kray twins, infamous London gangsters who were active in the 60’s. We see the life of these brothers through the eyes of Reggie Kray’s wife Frances from the moment she meets Reggie up until (Spoiler Alert, although not really considering this is based on real people) shortly after her death. The first thing you […]

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HIFF press pass

Wrapping Up: My HIFF Experience

For an event that lasted a lengthy 10 days; I believe the excitement and participation of local Oahu visitors remained wildly persistent throughout the Hawaiian International Film Festival. I was at the Regal Dole Cannery Theater on three separate occasions, each time the crowd of moviegoers seemed impressively large. There was an evident reflection of the diverse multi-cultural face of Hawaii. […]

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Tyke Elephant Outlaw

Tyke Elephant Outlaw is an outstanding documentary that focuses on a protagonist, an African elephant named Tyke, and her life as circus animal. In 1992 Tyke escaped during a show in Honolulu and had her first taste of freedom since her days as a calf before her capture. Many suggest that it is the abuse circus animals endure in preparation for shows and punishment for […]

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