Blue the Film: Part 2

For the second review of Blue (first one can be seen here), I want to talk about one of the other conservationist in the film. Dr. Jennifer Lavers is a marine eco-toxicologist and seabird expert. She currently works as a research scientist at the Institute of Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania … [Read…]

That’s A Wrap at HIFF

At the 37th Hawaii International Film Festival I watched a total of three films, including, Glass Garden (2017), Downsizing (2017), and The Endless (2017). I decided to watch Glass Garden because it seemed like it had an interesting and unique narrative, and I was excited to see how Yun Ji-woon, the cinematographer, captured nature and … [Read…]

The Endless

Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead, the science fiction thriller The Endless (2017) follows Justin and Aaron, brothers, as they return to a cult they escaped as children after receiving a mysterious video message from the camp. As they spend a few nights with the cult, Justin and Aaron start to find that … [Read…]


The election that will live in infamy, regardless of who ran and who won, the infamy was on the American people.  11/8/2016 is a documentary that follows Americans of different backgrounds, genders and race, all residing in different states on election day 2016. Did the film show Hillary supporters crying, yes.  Did the film show … [Read…]


The science fiction comedy-drama film Downsizing, directed by Alexander Payne, is about a procedure humans can undergo to shrink their entire body and start life in a new community. The initial idea for the procedure was to help mankind reduce the amount of trash, waste, and energy used by regular sized humans, and in time … [Read…]

Pain, Pleasure, and Depravity

Ichi the Killer is not a documentary.  The film’s use of violence and sadism earned itself on list of banned movies in Norway, Germany, and Malaysia. Ichi the Killer is an ultra-violent, gory, and morally disturbing movie based off  Hideo Yamamoto’s manga series, Ichi the Killer.  The film was originally released in 2001.  The film … [Read…]

Glass Garden

The South Korean mystery drama Glass Garden (2017), directed by Shin Su-won, follows Jae-yeon, a promising researcher with a disabled leg and the ability to communicate with nature. After Jae-yeon’s professor and colleague turn their backs on her and her research, she decides to retreat into a glass garden in the middle of the forest … [Read…]

My Last HIFF

During the 2017 Oahu Hawaii International Film Festival I viewed three amazing films! I chose these specific films due to my high interest in history, environmental sustainability and politics. World War II has always fascinated me, and living in O’ahu has only intensified my curiosity over this rich, mostly untold (media) history about Japanese and … [Read…]

Blue the Film: Part 1

Wednesday night, Nov. 8, was my first night at Hawaii International Film Festival 2017. I have been attending the festival the last 3 years and just like previous years, I am drawn to documentary films. I’m not sure why it is, but every year I go to HIFF I watch more documentaries than other films; … [Read…]