The Infiltrators

In this documentary mixed with re-enactments, the viewer is getting an inside look of what really goes on inside the detention facility, where illegal immigrants are held until they are either released or deported back to their home country. The documentary follows the true events of the National Immigrant Youth Alliance (NIYA) as they purposely … [Read…]

I Lost My Body

When I read that this movie is about a severed hand trying to find its way back to its body, I knew I had to watch it. I thought it was beautifully animated, and it had a certain honesty or “realness” to it, which I often think is the case with French films. With animation … [Read…]

The Irishman

(spoilers) At its simplest, The Irishman is a film about mortality. It opens with a push-in though the halls of a nursing home, the camera eventually landing on an even more aged Robert DeNiro, playing the titular character, Frank Sheeran. He begins narrating the film, which is his life story. The film continues in this … [Read…]

JoJo Rabbit Review

So to begin, I haven’t been able to log in to this blog in order to write, that is why this review is a few days late. I showed up to the Rush line to hopefully make it into the theater and luckily, I was the 3rd to last person in line that made it … [Read…]

The Infiltrator Reaction

The experimental film, The Infiltrator, was an amazingly produced documentary about young undocumented people infiltrating the ICE detention centers in order to set the detainees free. The directors did a wonderful job blending real-time footage with interviews and re-enactments of what happened in the detention centers. This helped the viewers see and understand what Marco … [Read…]


This film SLAPS! I am all for medieval romance and drama, especially if it is focused around a powerful woman. Being a rendition of Hamlet, I love how the film instead chooses to follow the story of Ophelia, his romantic interest. This was an interesting choice as a way to adopt a beloved classic into … [Read…]

It Comes Review

First of all, this film was horrifying. Just straight up scary. Some might say I got the heebie-geebies. Others might say “was it actually that bad?.” To which I would respond: Yes. That being said, it was incredibly appealing as far as the compelling visuals and storyline. From the intro to the credits, the artistic … [Read…]

Ophelia Review and Synopsis

Ophelia Review and Synopsis Synopsis- Something is rotten in medieval-era Denmark, where political intrigue swirls around the imperial court like dark magic. Amid it all, the queen’s brightest lady-in-waiting, Ophelia, finds herself drawn to Hamlet, the charismatic and elusive crown prince. As their secretive love affair takes flight, betrayal strikes the court, threatening to derail … [Read…]

Extreme Job Synopsis/review

Extreme Job Synopsis- Director Lee Byeong-heon (TWENTY) returns with his latest comic caper and South Korean box-office smash hit EXTREME JOB. A zippy, charming and very silly police comedy, the film debuted in South Korea in February of this year and soon became one of the biggest box office hits of all time, racking a … [Read…]